Weekend Roundup — March 30, 2015

This weekend, we saw a team pull off a four-game sweep without allowing an earned run, an 11-inning start where that pitcher’s team actually lost, a pitcher win both ends of a doubleheader with 9.1 one-hit innings, and 27 walks in a nine-inning game. Just another weekend in the best sport in the world.

Remember how I couldn’t find a sweep to mention last weekend? That wasn’t be a problem this week. Lots of teams put out serious statements of intent as we turned the calendar from March to April. Boston College headlined some stellar play in Division I. Stonehill and Post both got off to great conference starts in Division II. And in Division III, Western Connecticut pulled off a huge upset sweep of Southern Maine, and Endicott and Husson had stellar weeks as well.

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This Weekend in Division III — March 26, 2015

Apologies for the delay, I wanted to wait for as many cancellations as possible to roll in before I put anything down on paper. The weekend schedule definitely took a hit, but it’s not as bad as it could’ve been. The way a lot of teams are scheduling, it looks like we’ll be in the clear by next weekend. Then I can stop leading every blog post with the weather, and we can focus exclusively on the baseball. Imagine that. Here’s a look ahead to this weekend.

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This Weekend in Division II — March 26, 2015

Finally. The real deal. The Florida trips, South Carolina trips, New York trips, thank-God-we-found-some-turf trips, and all the other early-season tune-ups are in the rearview mirror. We’re into divisional games in the Northeast-10. The conference has acquitted itself well in the early going, and now it’s time for everyone to scrap for a conference tournament berth come May. Here’s a look back to the midweek and a preview of the first full weekend.

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This Weekend in Division I — March 26, 2015

We’re almost ready to turn the calendar to April, which means more teams than not are playing conference games that really matter. Some have already kicked things off, with A-10 leaders UMass getting off to the most auspicious start. Here’s a preview of the action.

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Weekend Roundup — March 23, 2015

Just when we thought we were done with the snow, huh? Yet another weekend with a bunch of games cancelled, and these are conference games we’re talking about now. There was just enough turf and warmth for some teams to get outside up north, and a few were lucky enough to be playing down south. If you’re on grass, though, you better hope your facilities guys have an incentive-laden contract. They’ve got a busy week ahead if we don’t want to be canceling into the last weekend of March.

On the field, nobody really blew the doors off. None of the can’t-miss 4-0 and 5-0 weeks we’ve been seeing. Still, though, some good weeks, and plenty of exciting baseball. More after the jump.

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Brown Takes Series in Dramatic Fashion

Sorry for the lack of a weekend preview, I had a lot going on last week. Figured I’d make up for it by catching a few games while I’m traveling. The weather ruined my plans to see Post and UConn in New Jersey, so next up was Brown’s series finale down at Georgetown, and I certainly chose well. It was the type of game that made you forget about all the snow, cold, and cancellations we’ve put up with this season.

For Brown, it was a weekend of resilience. They got shelled in Saturday’s opener, but came right back to win the back end of the doubleheader. It was more of the same in Sunday’s finale. The Hoyas had a couple of big innings that left the Bears reeling, but they responded well on both occasions to come away with the win.

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Weekend Roundup — March 16, 2015

All in all, most teams weren’t at their best in one of the last weekends before conference play. Only a handful distinguished themselves in Divisions I and II, the many of DIII’s best didn’t quite measure up in games against the nation’s elite. A wake-up call for many, but there were also plenty of teams who’ll be happy with the weeks they put together.

In Division I, the state of Connecticut fared well, with UConn, Yale, and CCSU all turning in winning weeks. In Division II, a Franklin Pierce team powered by one of the nation’s top pitching staffs continued its white-hot start. In Division III, Wesleyan picked up a top-5 win, and Becker and Maine-Farmington both grabbed conference wins as a part of perfect weeks.

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This Weekend in Division III — March 12, 2015

If you’re in Florida this week, I’m jealous, and not just because of the weather. A good chunk of New England’s best start their spring trips this weekend, and they didn’t mess around with scheduling either. I usually do a Ranked Matchups section, but that’d be a post by itself this week. If you’re in Winter Haven, Auburndale, or Port Charlotte this weekend, you’re in for some great baseball.

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This Weekend in Division II — March 12, 2015

For Division II, it’s the calm before the storm. Conference play in the NE-10, ECC, and CACC will start up next week, if the fields cooperate, and the weekend after that, the NE-10 gets into the divisional games that really matter. This weekend sees a lot of teams sneaking in their last few games in the south before snow melt becomes the biggest thing on everyone’s minds. Here’s a look at the action.

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