Rhode Talk Podcast Appearance

The guys from the Rhode Talk podcast were nice enough to have me on their show this week. We talked mostly URI and Bryant as part of their college baseball wrap-up episode. You can find the episode here (just look for RT Ep. 9: College Baseball) or on the podcast app of your choice. Be sure to give them a follow on twitter @RhodeTalk.

2016 D1 Tournament Preview

Five teams. Five! It’s a record-breaking NCAA Tournament for New England, who’s never put more than four in the postseason. And we’ve only done that once since the early 70s. No matter what happens this weekend, it’s been a very special season, but in my opinion, more than one of our teams has what it takes to play into the second weekend. After the jump, we’ll take a look at all five: the road they took to get here, the players that led the way, and the once-in-a-lifetime experience they have to look forward to this weekend.

(Also, for more on our second annual Bracket Challenge, check out this week’s other blog post.)

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Previewing the 2016 D3 Tournament

Weekends like this are why I write. Nine New England baseball teams, who’ve had great seasons just to get this far, are one good weekend away from a trip to the College World Series. There’s just nothing else like it. We’ll take a look at the paths all nine of them have taken after the jump.

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Breaking Down the D2 Tournament Selections

Last year, it was the D3 selections that had everybody worked up. This year, D2 decided to hop in on the party too. I’m going to be more open with my opinions than usual below, but as always, if you’re angry or disagree, don’t feel the need to hold back in the comments or on twitter. First, I’ll walk through what I think was the committee’s reasoning, then I’ll offer some thoughts on it. Shall we?

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Previewing the 2016 NESCAC Tournament

After winning titles in 2014 and 2015, Wesleyan enters this weekend’s NESCAC Tournament looking for Division III’s third three-peat of the season, something that’s never been done. The league’s three historical powers– Amherst, Trinity, and Tufts– will all be itching to wrest the trophy back for themselves. For the second straight year, they’ll head to Nashua’s Holman Stadium to punch New England’s final ticket to the D3 Tournament. Though it may be tough to follow up 2015, when not a single game was decided by more than three runs, it promises to be an exciting weekend.

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