This Summer on the Blog

In the midst of all the tournament drama, I’d forgotten to thank everyone for such an awesome NCAA season. The parents who log hundreds of miles of travel to take in games. The people who watch grainy webcasts to see their friends and family play. The coaches who pour long hours into teaching the game they love. The SIDs who slave away to put such a wealth of information at our fingertips. And, of course, the players whose love for the game makes this the best sport on earth. You make every season the best four months’ of my year.

The downside is that the other eight are an agonizingly long waiting game. Here’s a look at what I’ve got planned to tide us over till the snow melts the flights start heading south next February and March.

(1) Season roundups — I’ll be taking in a certain tournament in Omaha for the next couple weeks, but in my down time, I’ll be working on some in-depth final looks at the 2015 season. The best games, the statistical leaders, programs trending up, etc. All culminating in a team-by-team rundown of the season.

(2) Summer ball — Don’t expect as much here as I do in the spring, but I’ll stop by some games and posts every now and then on how things are going. Otherwise, I’ll leave you in the significantly more capable hands of @joshuakummins, @bradleysmart15, @codball, and the many others who’ll keep you in the summer-ball loop better than I will.

(3) Features and analysis — Over the course of the season, a lot of things have come up that I’d like to give a closer look than the occasional blurb in a weekend roundup. The retiring coaches, the draft, the records set and milestones reached, the history of the New England game. Some questions that require a more analytical look. How good an early-season indicator are spring trips? How real is home-field advantage? Does the sabermetric MLB wisdom about bunting apply in college? How predictive are preseason polls? Is parity really on the rise?

(4) Whatever else you guys want — If there’s something else you’d like to see on the blog, let me know. It might fall under one of those three headings, or it might not. It doesn’t really matter. I want to write what you want to read, so don’t hesitate to suggest something.

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