2015 Bracket Challenge Standings

I’ll update these standings as the regionals start to go final this weekend. If you (a) tried to submit a bracket but don’t see your name here, or (b) would like me to use a Twitter handle for you when I tweet out updates and don’t see one listed here, contact me @NECollegeBsbl or at necollegebaseball@aol.com. Brackets listed in italics below aren’t actually competing in the pool, I just used a few different rating systems to make brackets to see how accurately they predicted the tournament.

UPDATE: Regardless of whether you filled out a complete bracket or not, you’re welcome to participate in our Super Regional Pick ’ems Pool for the second weekend. If you missed out on the fun of the first weekend, this is a great way to get involved. If you’re bracket’s busted, it’s a great way to stay in the game. And even for those who loved their original brackets, you’re welcome to change your picks for this separate contest. I’ve set up a SurveyMonkey that takes less than 10 minutes, simply click on the link to complete it and enter. Bracket Challenge Standings Standings updated through the start of the title series.

  1. Kendall (@KendallChaves) — 2400 pts.
  2. Paul (@PuckmanRI) — 1895 pts.
  3. NECB (@NECollegeBsbl) — 1745 pts.
  4. Dan (@danbo1993) — 1655 pts.
  5. Kevin N. — 1645 pts.
  6. Bradley (@bradleysmart15) — 1640 pts.
  7. Eric S. — 1620 pts.
  8. Gary K. — 1525 pts.
  9. Mark (@mpdosi) — 1450 pts.
  10. NCAA RPI — 1430 pts.
  11. Mary (@busy_angel13) — 1370 pts.
  12. Boyd Nation ISR 1315 pts.
  13. Elizabeth J. — 1190 pts. 
  14. Andrew (@ajm1411) — 1095 pts.
  15. Mike C. — 1045 pts.
  16. WarrenNolan NPI– 775 pts.
  17. Steve (@Stevoto23) — 575 pts.

Regional highlights: As the standings show, they key here was picking regional champions. The top two, Kendall and Mark, picked a challenge-best 12 correctly. Perfect brackets were important, too– Boyd Nation’s ISR and the NCAA’s RPI, two ratings systems I used to create test brackets, got a challenge-high six perfect regionals. That helped them to 3rd and 4th place, respectively, so far. Other congratulations go to Elizabeth and Mary (picked Maryland to down UCLA), Elizabeth, Mark, and Mary (picking UL-Lafayette in the Houston Regional), Eric (perfect Lake Elsinore Regional), Mark and Bradley (perfect Coral Gables Regional). Apart from the half dozen of you who picked UCLA, everyone’s national champion remains in the field. Because of the Bruins’ loss, no one has all eight Omaha teams remaining (the two who picked Maryland got other picks wrong), but several people have a chance to get seven of eight as we head into Super Regional weekend, the biggest reason for that being the survival of seven of eight national seeds in their home regionals.

Super Regional Pick ’ems Standings

1) Kendall: 7-8

T2) Dave, Paul, Kevin, NECB: 6-8

T3) Andrew, Mike: 5-8

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