Looking ahead on the blog

I’ve got a really busy stretch coming up, so I’ve gotta shut things down on here for the next week and a half. I’ll be back with a weekend roundup on Monday the 20th. Till then, I’ll keep an eye on the twitter and try to find some time for Teams of the Week this Monday. A few things in the meantime.

First off, send me whatever scores, statlines, photos, and updates you’ve got over the next couple weeks. Mention me or use the hashtag, and I’ll try to keep up on the RT’s. (This goes for any time, of course, but especially while I’ll be busy.) If you’re looking for more, D1Baseball.com, D2BaseballNews.com, and D3Baseball.com are all great for their respective divisions. The local beat writers in New England have been giving us some nice coverage this “spring” too, and there’s always the baseball-specific people to keep you informed (@NE_Baseball, @NEBaseballNews, @JoshuaKummins, etc.).

Secondly, let me know what content you’d like to see once I’m back. I’ve been doing the bare minimum of weekend previews and roundups, since I haven’t had a ton of free time, but that’ll change once I start things back up. I’ve got some ideas in mind– look-ins at the playoff races, tournament previews for the NCAA teams, some draft stuff, a look at the summer-ball rosters, pieces on some of the retiring coaches, explanatory posts for those who are new to college baseball, more game visits– but above all, I want to write what you guys want to read, so let me know what you’d like to see.

And finally, thank you all for reading these past couple months. I wasn’t sure what all the writing would be like when I started things up back in February, but it’s been a blast. The traffic’s been incredible, and overall, I’ve had a lot more fun covering things. Even in a year where the weather’s been as brutal as I can remember, you guys make it a ton of fun to cover the game. Thank you, and I’ll see you back here in two weeks.


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